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Where else can you get enthusiastic training from someone who specializes in exercise physiology and the whole person? Tony Stevenson has dedicated his training and learning to building effective fitness training programs for individuals, teams, firefighters, kickboxing athletes, and more. Become one of the enthusiastic and successful clients of Tony today!
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Tony's Favorite Program
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Pankration Martial Arts for Kids

  • 10-15 yrs
  • Tue/Thurs nights: 6PM to 7PM. 
  • $50.00 Month
  • Starts Feb 08, 2011
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Looking for an all out, full fledged fitness program that will trim you down, tone you up and put you in top notch shape? Then consider Pankration Martial Arts. What is Pankration? Good question and here’s a short answer. Pankration is a Greek word which means "all power". Learn more.
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From the best commercial training equipment available to knowledgeable fitness training programs and rehabilitation services, SMS delivers the best in conditioning classes, personal training, team, and sports training and conditioning and martial arts & fitness programs.
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